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Developing your packaging and brand requires embrace of the new.

Change is not always easy to accept but is required in our ever changing world. refining and developing your brand requires a willingness to adventure while containing risk.

New Brands take on a life of their own once released into the wild, and we nurture your design from the outset to allow a consumer to recognize easily what your brand stands for. We do this by honoring the “language of the marketplace” and at the same time push boundries so that your identity communicates with impact.

The specialty sauce company asked us to design a new brand and label for their amazing taco sauce range and their newly invented “Fries Sauce” a new organic lively taste experience for dipping your favorite fries into.  .   . Yum

The original labels were designed in house and didn’t reflect the quality and taste experience of the range. The existing design was also holding back sales and distrbution sufocating the growth of the company.

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The Specialty Sauce Company


The retailers approached said the labels needed a serious update for them to consider placing their delicious sauces on shelves. We examined a wide range of approaches and road tested many labels and looks before the team at Specialty Sauce Company selected the final designs.